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Bankmed was established in 1914 as a closed scheme for the South African banking industry under the Medical Schemes Act 131 of 1998.

Bankmed covers approximately 100 000 principal members within South Africa's financial institutions. This translates to providing close to
200 000 South Africans with access to quality healthcare services.

Did you know that Bankmed is one of only two medical schemes in South Africa - and the only closed medical scheme - to have been awarded an AA+ credit rating as assessed by Global Credit Ratings Co.? This is the highest credit rating afforded to a medical scheme in South Africa.

With more than a century of experience in the provision of healthcare insurance, Bankmed has accumulated unparalleled specialist insight into the management of health in this sector. As a closed medical scheme, owned by its members, the needs of the members are instrumental in the evolution of the business.

The Scheme offers our members tailored benefit plans that are competitive, comprehensive and affordable. Bankmed also offers wellness support to our employer clients and members. The Scheme's wellness programme includes preventive screening, disease management programmes, and various tools to maintain and improve your good health. In addition, members have access to a programme that rewards them for healthy behaviour.

Bankmed's role in the lives of our clients and members extends to more than the traditional role of a healthcare funder. We look forward to being an interactive partner and participant in the health of our clients and members in the years to come.


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