Bankmed retains AA+ credit rating for seventh year running

Bankmed has been in business for 103 years. Despite the tough economic times, we are thriving. On 25 May 2017, Global Credit Ratings gave us an AA+ rating for the seventh consecutive year.

Why we are excited about our rating

An AA+ Global Credit Rating is the highest rating in the medical scheme industry. This means Global Credit Ratings recognises us as a trusted medical scheme that proactively manages your contributions in your best interests. Bankmed is the only closed medical scheme that has achieved this rating.

In reaching their rating, Global Credit Ratings considered financial factors such as our liquidity and solvency ratio (which has remained a healthy 40%, well above the 25% required by law). However, our rating is not only about good financial management. You also helped us achieve the rating by contributing to our high member retention rates.

By working together we have made it possible to offer excellent benefits that go beyond the Prescribed Minimum Benefits.

Why you should be excited too

Having a financially stable medical scheme with an excellent credit rating means you never have to worry if we have the funds to pay your claims now or in the future.

Our credit rating also means we can afford to offer our members value-added services such as preventive screening and wellness initiatives. Remember, knowing your health is the first step to good health.

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