Netcells – umbilical cord stem cell banking

Save up to 25% off the storage costs for stem cell banking with Next Biosciences.

In a unique offering, we have been able to arrange an exclusive offer for Bankmed Medical Scheme members with Next Biosciences – Africa’s leading Biotech Company that combines medicine, science and technology to create innovative products and services, enabling you to invest in your future health.

Netcells, Next Biosciences umbilical cord stem cell banking service, gives expectant parents the opportunity to collect their newborn baby’s umbilical cord blood and tissue stem cells and cryogenically store them for potential future medical use.

Please note that the Scheme does not cover expenses related to stem cell banking. The cash discount that is offered is passed directly on to you and is not paid from your health plan benefits.

Benefits members are entitled to

Members may receive up to 25% off the storage costs when they register to store their baby’s stem cells with Next Biosciences. The discounted amount depends on the service and the payment plan the member selects:

  • 25% discount on payment upon registration,
  • 20% discount on payment on stem cells being successfully banked or
  • 15% discount on payment on a payment plan.

Netcells offers flexible storage options and flexible interest-free payment plans allowing you to tailor-make a plan to suit your needs.

What stem cells are, where they are found and what they are used for?

Stem cells are the original building blocks of life and, differentiate into all the specialised cells that make up the human body – such as skin, blood cells, muscle, bones, nerves.

Stem cells are found in the body where they continually maintain and repair the tissues. However, harvesting stem cells from our bodies is difficult. Blood and tissue in the umbilical cord contain large numbers of stem cells that are easily accessible. Collecting umbilical cord blood and tissue at birth is free of moral, ethical or religious concerns, as the umbilical cord and placenta are normally discarded as medical waste.

Umbilical cord blood
contains haematopoietic (blood) stem cells which are used to regenerate bone marrow and are routinely used to treat over 70 blood related diseases such as leukaemia, lymphoma, thalassemia, Fanconi’s anaemia and sickle cell anaemia. New therapies, using these stem cells, are also being researched on cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, hearing loss and type 1 diabetes.
Umbilical cord tissue
contains mesenchymal stem cells, which are being used in both research and clinical environments for a variety of aesthetic and medical conditions. This includes skin regeneration, neurology (motor neuron disease and multiple sclerosis), orthopaedic surgery (cartilage and bone repair), sports injury (tendon and ligament repair) and cardiology (heart muscle regeneration).

Who can use the harvested stem cells?

Stem cells represent a perfect match for the baby from whom they have been collected and pose no risk of rejection if transplanted. There is also a good possibility (1 in 4) that the stem cells will be a suitable match for a sibling.

Why store with Next Biosciences?

Next Biosciences is accredited with the AABB and is the only cord blood bank on the continent to hold independent international accreditation. This gives you peace of mind knowing that should your baby’s stem cells ever be needed, that they have been processed and stored according to validated international quality standards.

When should I register and what happens after I register?

It is advisable to register with Netcells at about 30 weeks of pregnancy.

Once your registration and confirmation of initial payment is received, an arrangement will be made to a Netcells collection kit to you. You must take the collection kit box to the birth of your baby so that the obstetrician or midwife can collect the stem cells after your baby has been delivered.

For more information regarding umbilical cord stem cell banking, please contact Next Biosciences on 011 697 2900 or e-mail at or visit the website at


How do I register?
Contact Next Biosciences directly to register.

Call Netcells: (011) 697 2900

Email Netcells: