Call for nominations to serve as a Trustee on the Board of Bankmed

Two (2) current member-elected Trustees will be stepping down at the next Bankmed Annual General Meeting (AGM) and in terms of the approved Scheme Rules for Bankmed, an election shall take place to fill their positions.

Principal Members of the Scheme are required to elect two (2) Trustees. As the first step in the election process, potential candidates must be nominated by Principal Members in good standing from among Principal Members only. A nomination form must be duly completed and signed by:

  • A Principal Member who nominates (Nominator/Proposer) another Principal Member to stand for election;
  • At least five (5) Principal Members who second (Seconder) the nomination (also in good standing); and
  • The Principal Member who has been nominated (Nominee) to stand for election, thereby signifying his/her consent to stand for election.

Please note, Principal Members may not nominate themselves to stand for election.

There are very specific rules that govern the nomination of candidates, as well as who may be nominated as a Trustee.

Please refer to the below documents for more detailed information: