Electronic health record

Once you give consent, your Healthcare Professional can use the Electronic Health Record to access your medical history, gain insight into the benefits of your Plan, refer you to other Healthcare Professionals, study your blood test results and write electronic prescriptions and referrals.


Healthcare Professionals need your permission to view your confidential medical information. Your personal information is protected. We only give Healthcare Professionals access to your medical records with your consent.

When you give consent, you agree that you understand the Electronic Health Record contains details about any chronic conditions you might have, as well as pathology results (such as blood tests).

Read our privacy statement to find out how we use and protect your personal information.

Bankmed App

Download the Bankmed App:

On the Health tab in the Bankmed App, select Doctor(s) Consent and follow the prompts on the screen to give permission to view your medical record.

Bankmed website
  1. Log in
  2. Go to Doctor visits
  3. Once there, click Provide your doctor consent