Find a Healthcare Professional

You can use our website or the Bankmed App to find a Healthcare Professional close to you or in a specific area and find out if they are part of our network.

Bankmed App

Download the Bankmed App:

Bankmed website
  1. Log in
  2. Click on Find a Healthcare Professional under Doctor Visits
  3. If you want to check if your Healthcare Professional is part of our network:
    1. Type their name under 1. Who or what
    2. Select their name from the drop-down list
    3. If the system shows partial cover or the search does not find them, they are not part of our network
  4. Find a Healthcare Professional near you
    1. Under 1. Who or what, click on or choose a category of provider. This opens a list of categories
    2. Select the category and specific kind of Healthcare Professional you want to find
    3. Under 2. Where start typing the area and click on the area you're looking for
    4. Select search and scroll down to the results
    5. If the system shows full network cover, the Healthcare Professional is part of our network