Don't let flu steal away your shine this winter

When you’re living your best life, there are a million things you’d rather do than get the flu. You want the winter highlights such as heading outside without wilting from the heat. You can’t shine if your spotlight is wasted on flu. Luckily the yearly flu vaccine is available and Bankmed provides you with cover for the jab.

At best, flu is inconvenient with fever, chills and muscle weakness. But flu can also be dangerous to you and your family, even if you’re generally healthy. Flu can be serious and anyone can develop flu complications like infections in your sinuses and lungs. Your best chance of not getting flu, or at least having a lighter version of the flu, is to have your yearly flu vaccine.

Without the flu, you can enjoy all the joys life and winter has to offer. Wrap up warm and enjoy the crisp winter air with a walk, go sightseeing, and be free to do whatever you please!

Why do you tell me about the flu vaccine each year?

You have to be vaccinated against the flu each year since the vaccine only protects against that year’s strain of the flu. If you had the vaccine last year, it won’t protect you from this year’s virus.

Bankmed pays for your flu vaccine from your Wellness and Preventative Care Benefits so you don’t use up your day-to-day benefits. However, we pay your Healthcare Professional’s fee for administering the vaccine from your available day-to-day benefits. If you use a network pharmacy the consultation, if charged, will be subject to your nurse consultation benefit and not your day-to-day benefits.

Am I at risk of getting the flu?

Anyone can get the flu, so everyone needs protection. Some people, like people older than 60 years, pregnant women and people who have certain heart, lung and immune system conditions, are more likely to get flu and develop complications of flu. Flu can worsen chronic conditions and is more likely to cause pneumonia in this group of people.