Cover for Cancer

If you are diagnosed with cancer and your cancer treatment is approved, you have access to cover through the Oncology Programme. You must register on the Oncology Programme to access this benefit.

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Essential, Basic and Core Saver Plans

You only have cover for approved Prescribed Minimum Benefit cancer treatment. We do need your treatment Plan, in order to approve your cover.

Traditional, Comprehensive and Plus Plans

You have unlimited cover; this means that we do not stop paying for approved treatments. You will need to send us your treatment Plan, in order to approve your cover before your Healthcare Professional commences treatment.

Treatment covered

  • We follow the South African Oncology Consortium's guidelines to make sure you have access to the most appropriate level of treatment for your particular stage of cancer.
  • We pay for chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other healthcare services based on proven effectiveness, evidence-based healthcare, and cost-effectiveness.
  • We will not pay for healthcare services that do not meet all criteria.

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