Cover for HIV and AIDS

For members living with HIV and AIDS, Bankmed’s HIV Programme provides comprehensive disease management. You must register on the HIV Programme to get access.

We take the utmost care to protect your right to privacy and confidentiality. Once registered you will have cover for all-inclusive care.

All medication on our medicine list (formulary) is paid in full as long as you collect your medication from a network pharmacy. We pay for approved medication that is not on our list up to a set monthly amount.

HIV Supportive medicine list (formulary) View PDF
HIV Basket of care medicine list (formulary) View PDF
HIV Antiretroviral medicine list (formulary) View PDF
HIV Nutritional and mother-to-child medicine list (formulary) View PDF

HIV Self-Testing

In line with the 1 December 2016 recommendation by the World Health Organization that HIV self-testing be encouraged to help reach first-time testers and people with undiagnosed HIV, Bankmed has rolled out an HIV self-testing screening benefit.

What is a HIV self-test?

Self-testing is a quick, convenient and confidential HIV testing option which allows you to know your status in the privacy of your own home. HIV self-testing does not provide a final diagnosis or result. Instead, it is a screening test. A self-test is accurate, but a positive test needs to be verified with another blood-based test (confirmatory test). This can be done at a laboratory or with your Healthcare Professional.