Designated Service Providers (DSP)

Bankmed is committed to providing top quality healthcare, and as part of our commitment we have established various contracted networks known as Designated Service Providers (DSPs). These DSPs include GPs, specialists, pharmacies and hospitals. They have been established to ensure you are given the best possible rates whenever you use them, allowing you to get the most out of your selected Plan.

Depending on your Plan type, you have access to different networks:

Plan GP Network Specialist Network Hospital Network Pharmacy Network Psychiatric Network Day Surgery Network Prestige A and B Specialist Network
Essential Plan              
Basic Plan              
Core Saver Plan              
Traditional Plan              
Comprehensive Plan              
Plus Plan              

For more detailed information about the DSPs you have access to, refer to your Benefit and Contribution Schedule.

DSP Lists

Here are the available Hospital Networks for 2019.

Here the available Psychiatric Networks for 2019.

Here are the available Day Surgery Networks for 2019.