HIV Self-Testing

In line with the 1 December 2016 recommendation by the World Health Organization that HIV self-testing be encouraged to help reach first-time testers and people with undiagnosed HIV, Bankmed has rolled out an HIV self-testing screening benefit.

What is a HIV self-test?

Self-testing is a quick, convenient and confidential HIV testing option which allows you to know your status in the privacy of your own home.

HIV self-testing does not provide a final diagnosis or result. Instead, it is a screening test that shows the presence of cells and antibodies in your blood which fight HIV. A self-test is accurate, but a positive test needs to be verified with another blood-based test (confirmatory test). This can be done at a laboratory or with your Healthcare Professional.

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How to receive the kit and claim?

To order your HIV self-testing kit, click on the link below.