Emergency medical services

In an emergency, go straight to hospital. Should you need medically equipped transport, call 0860 999 911. This line is managed by highly qualified emergency personnel who will send air or road emergency evacuation transport to you, depending on which is most appropriate in your area.

Bankmed Emergency Services

Bankmed Emergency Services offers real-time emergency care for all Bankmed members. For a medical emergency, call 0860 999 911. The Bankmed Emergency Services number appears on your membership card for easy reference. You can get a Bankmed Emergency Services sticker for your vehicle for when you have a road emergency.

This number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to receive emergency calls. The line is managed by highly qualified emergency personnel, who will assess each case and provide immediate feedback and assistance

Should you need medically equipped transport in South Africa, Bankmed Emergency Services will send emergency transport, for example an ambulance or helicopter, to take you to hospital. We will cover the costs from your Hospital Benefit, whether you are admitted to hospital or not.

You can go to any private hospital in an emergency. Should you be admitted to hospital, we cover your emergency hospital admission. There is no overall limit for hospital cover on your health Plan.

Contact Bankmed Emergency Services

Should you have a medical emergency, contact Bankmed Emergency Services on 0860 999 911 and reference your membership number as printed on your membership card or certificate.

Phoning from outside South Africa?

Should you be overseas you may contact us on +27 11 529 6616 for any queries or emergencies.

Note: This service is only available for international callers.