Call for nominations to serve as a Trustee of Bankmed Medical Scheme

This notice is a call for nominations for the 2017 Bankmed Trustee elections.

The Board of Trustees hereby invites nominations for candidates from amongst the principal members of the Scheme, to stand for election to serve on the Bankmed Board.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd (“PwC”) has been appointed as the Independent Electoral Body (“IEB”) who will oversee and manage the electoral process.

Should you wish to nominate a candidate, kindly ensure you comply with the nomination requirements and send the duly completed nomination form, together with the required documents as specified, to reach the IEB by no later than 12:00 (noon) on Tuesday, 28 February 2017. Forms received after this date and time will not be considered.

All queries that relate to the nominations and electoral processes must be directed to the IEB, at telephone number 012 429 0024 or e-mail: The IEB will be the only party that will respond to any queries related to the nominations and other electoral processes.

Click here, should you wish to make a nomination.