Getting Value from your Plan

Tips on how to get the most value out of your Plan:

  • Use a Healthcare Professional in our network
  • Avoid using your day-to-day benefits by registering on the Chronic Illness Benefit for chronic medication or on the Baby-and-Me Programme if you are pregnant
  • Have your procedures done in a day surgery or day clinic, you will need to pay a deductible if admitted to hospital

Baby-and-Me Programme

Baby-and-Me is Bankmed's maternity programme that gives expecting moms and their partner's information that empowers them.

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Oncology Programme

If you are diagnosed with cancer and your cancer treatment is approved, you have access to cover through the Oncology Programme. You must register on the Oncology Programme to access this benefit.

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Contraceptive Benefit - The Pill Squad

You can now order your contraceptive pill or emergency contraceptive online, and have it delivered to you.

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Prescribed Minimum Benefits

According to the Medical Schemes Act, all medical schemes have to pay for a specific minimum level of care for a list of medical conditions. These are called Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs).

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HIV Programme

For members living with HIV and AIDS, Bankmed's HIV Programme provides comprehensive disease management.

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Upfront Payments

Upfront payments (deductibles) to the hospital before you receive treatment.

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